The Jack Russell Wine Company

The small wine company
with attitude

The Jack Russell Wine Company is owned and run by winemaker Damian North.

Based in Healesville, The Jack Russell Wine Company produces and distributes Journey Wines.

  • Damian North

    Managing Director and Winemaker at The Jack Russell Wine Company.



  • Journey Wines

    Journey Wines are and expression not only of the unique vineyard sites on which the grapes were grown - but also of the journey of winemaker Damian North.

The Jack Russell Wine Company?!?

Why would you name your wine company after a dog? Are we barking mad?

No - well not completely. We named the company after an attitude. While Jack Russells might be small in size, they are renowned for being intelligent, tenacious, agile, and fearless.

These are the characteristics that we seek to embody at The Jack Russell Wine Company. While we might be small, we are quick on our feet, driven and tireless.